Best Wigs For Beginners

Wearing a wig for the first time is overwhelming and hard to navigate. The best wigs for beginners are those that are natural-looking, fit well, and are comfortable to wear.  While you may be focused on finding a wig that closely matches your natural hair color, you will soon discover that a lot more goes into the making of a great wig. Sadly, just because you find a wig in a perfect color doesn’t mean you are going to feel and look great wearing it.

The best beginner wig is one that fits you well because you will feel confident wearing it, which will make your wig life a total breeze! A wig that is too small will give you tension headaches and a wig that is too big will fill you with fear so it’s important to take your measurements correctly so that you order the right size wig cap. At Encelia Hair, we believe the fit of the wig is critical to helping women feel at ease and confident in the wig. We understand how a difference of ¼” inch can literally make a wig too big or too small so we have carefully sized our wigs to fit women's heads well. We proudly offer five wig cap sizes to ensure that your wig will stay comfortably snug a day so you can relax and just be you.

After you discover the right size wig for you, beginner wig wearers should pay close attention to the cap construction. Sure, the hair quality and color matters but does the inside of the wig feel itchy? If so, two hours into the day you are going to be in pure agony.  At Encelia Hair, our wigs were thoughtfully designed by a baldie who was frustrated with itchy, hot, poor fitting wigs. All of our wigs are double-lined with a breathable, stretchable, cooling mesh so you will never be itchy or hot our wigs. 

Also, if you are a beginner and your looking for a lace front wig, pay close attention to the design of the hairline. Does the material feel itchy? Can you see dots or knots? Does the hairline look soft or feathery, or is it too dense or too straight? A lot goes into recreating a natural-looking hairline in a wig and it’s critical to get this part of the wig right. At Encelia, our full no-slip silicone wig features a temple-to-temple, soft Swiss lace that blends completely into caucasian skin tones. The hair is attached with single-hand-tied knots so it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. 

Beginner wig wearers should also spend time examining the top of the wig. Can you change the part? When you change the part, can you see the knots or grids? Is the material shinny? The top of the wig should look like real scalp (ie skin). At Encelia, our full lace front wigs feature a fully hand tied top and a 3” inch middle section that replicates the most sought after tops known as french drawn (skin) tops which looks like real scalp. We believe a skin top is a necessary fundamental component to a wig so we include it in all our lace front wigs regardless of your personal hair preference - human hair wigs or synthetic wigs.

Choosing a wig for a beginner is easy with Encelia Hair because our wigs were thoughtfully designed by a baldie who felt inspired to make wig life better for women everywhere!  We offer a wide variety of wigs - silicone wigs, headband wigs, beanie wig and a baseball wig along with three different hair types - remy human hair, luxury synthetic and traditional synthetic. No matter what type of wig you’re going for, human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, you will look natural, be comfortable & feel secure when you wear a wig from Encelia Hair. We're out to prove that comfort, good design, simplicity and affordability don't have to be mutually exclusive. We invent & innovate our wigs from the lens of how women feel when they wear our wigs. Our goal is to make your wig life a breeze by providing you with a modern wig that you'll forget your wearing!

If you need help choosing your wig cap size and hair color, we are here to help. We offer a complimentary wig consultation along with a complementary wig kit program which allows you to try on Encelia wigs in the privacy and comfort of your own home.