Sport & Fitness Wigs

Wearing a wig at the gym can be unbearable. Headband wigs offer no relief, and traditional wigs are hot, itchy, and poorly sized.

Our sport & fitness wig merges modern technical athletic apparel designs with wig technology. Our patent-pending athletic wig features a revolutionary cap featuring a double-lined cooling cap that is attached to a no-slip headband which perfectly hugs the head while allowing movement. This revolutionary wig offers unparalleled comfort, lifelike realism, and absolute security for modern baldies. Feel empowered to sweat, spin, or chill!

Surf Wig By Encelia Hair

If you're a fan of water sports but have little to no hair, then you know finding a natural-looking, secure, affordable wig is a real challenge.   

The innovation of Encelia's surf wig lies in its seamless integration. The wig effortlessly attaches to a stylish floatable surf hat through a convenient zipper system. Discreet yet robust, almost invisible chin straps remain virtually unseen and can be hidden inside the hat, assuring that your wig remains firmly in place even during intense wipeouts.

Beanie Wig

The innovation of Encelia's beanie wig lies in its seamless integration. The wig effortlessly attaches to a stylish Jacquard beanie through a convenient zipper system. Discreet yet robust! Our beanie wig is incredibly easy to wear, breathable, and more importantly secure!