No Shortcuts. No Compromises. A modern headband wig no one, not even you, will know you’re wearing!

At Encelia Hair, we innovate from the lens of how women feel in our wigs. We are guided by realism, comfort, and security, offering you the most beautiful wig creations possible at the fairest price, without any compromises.

Our headband was designed by a baldie who wanted a natural-looking casual wig that was comfortable and secure. This wig is truly a game-changer for women with hair loss!

Even if you don’t wear it for exercising, you can dress it up or down and feel confident. It's stylish yet casual, so it's great for running errands, doing house or yard work, playing with the kids, etc.

coming soon

No-Slip Lace Front Wig

Tired of itchy, fake-looking lace front wigs that don't stay down without adhesive? Lace Front wigs are failing us, so, we have been on a mission to this solution along with many other issues women have with wigs.

Our Lace Front Wig feature ultra-thin, soft silicone interior headband which comfortably grips to your head keeping your lace front and wig firmly in place all day!






with built-in eye mask

Sleeping Cap

Does your sleep cap fall off at night? Is your head very sensitive?

We set out to design a comfortable sleep cap that would stay put all night. Our strong yet ultra-soft elastic back hugs your head, keeping your chemo sleep cap firmly in place all night. And we didn’t stop there..

Our sleep cap is double-lined and seamless, making it unbelievably comfortable.

The interior layer is made of modal fabric, which is silky yet breathable, so it doesn’t trap odors or perspiration.

Our light-blocking eye mask can easily be pulled down, helping you sleep well anywhere—chemo treatments, hospital stays, and at-home recovery

Beanie Wig

ENCELIA® Beanie wig includes a double-lined cooling cap that is attached to an itch-free jacquard print beanie. The innovation of Encelia's beanie wig lies in it's seamless integration. The hairpiece effortlessly attaches to the beanie through a convenient zipper system. Discreet yet robust!

✓Effortless ✓Secure

✓Comfortable ✓Two sizes

Swim | Surf Wigs

If you're a fan of water sports but have little to no hair, then you know finding a natural-looking, secure, and comfortable wig is a real challenge.

ENCELIA® Swim and Surf wig was thoughtfully designed by a baldie who wanted to get back in the water without worrying that her wig was going to fly off!

It is discreet yet robust. A double-lined cooling hairpiece is attached to a stylish floatable water hat, ensuring that your wig remains firmly in place even during intense wipeouts.