The Original Workout Wig

So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it

Designed for Active Women with Hair Loss

Frustrated with itchy, hot and poor fitting wigs, Allison designed the most comfortable and secure workout wig. 

Encelia - Active®
The Original Workout Wig

Hand made of a partial wig and interchangeable headband, Encelia Active® is lightweight, breathable, secure, & ultra-realistic.

Feel empowered to sweat, spin, and somersault.

Allison - Encelia's Founder

Designed by a Baldie

I'm an active mother, fitness lover, and founder of Encelia.

After developing Alopecia Universalis during my second pregnancy, I struggled to maintain my active lifestyle. 

I didn't want to brave it bald, wear my lifestyle wig or wear a cheap uncomfortable wig. 

I spent the last year creating my own workout wig.

Allison's Story
Hair Loss Unites. Hair Loss Matters.

The Give

For every ten Encelia Active wigs sold, we will donate one to someone in need.

After your purchase, you will receive a direct message from the person that was gifted an Encelia Active wig.

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