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    Encelia® Hair | Premium, Remy Human Hair

    Human Hair Wigs

    At Encelia Hair®, we celebrate the beauty of all human hair types and are committed to offering you the highest quality wigs made from premium Remy human hair.

    Remy human hair is highly regarded for its exceptional quality due to the painstaking efforts taken to preserve its cuticles and alignment. When the cuticle is preserved and the hair goes in its natural downward direction (root to tip), the hair retains the same natural movement, fluidity, and silky texture as normal, healthy hair. Premium Remy human hair wigs will continue to look and feel good throughout their lifespan. (16-24 months)

    In addition, although all human hair has the tendency to tangle, our human hair wigs will tangle less frequently because the cuticle is well preserved. Our commitment to quality ensures that your wig will maintain its natural look and feel throughout its lifespan.

    Remy Human Hair vs Non-Remy Human Hair
    hair diameter | width of a single strand of human hair

    Hand-Selected Medium Denier

    At Encelia Hair®, we carefully hand-select human hair that has a medium denier, which means each hair strand is not too thin or too thick.

    We find that medium-denier human hair is lightweight, so it will allow the wig to have the natural fluidity and movement that we desire, but the hair strands are strong, so the ends won’t split or break.


    Clean | Silicone-Free

    Our human hair wigs are also free of silicone. Silicone is commonly applied to lower-quality human hair wigs because it makes the hair silky and smooth. But silicone often weighs down the hair, altering the natural movement of the hair, causing the wig to appear flat, stiff, wiggy, and almost doll-like.

    At Encelia, we are focused on providing you with the most natural-looking human hair wigs possible; therefore, NO silicone is applied to our hair.

    clean, silicone free human hair wigs
    clean, silicone free human hair wigs
    human hair wigs low maintenance

    Air Drys Straight Smooth & Silky

    Encelia Hair® exclusively uses premium Remy human hair that dries straight and smooth without the need for styling, saving you valuable time and energy. No heat tools are required to make our human hair wigs look good and you don't have to worry about humidity.

    Simply wash, air-dry your wig, apply some oil to the ends and you are good to go! It's that easy.

    Human Hair Wigs FAQS

    The lifespan of your human hair wig will vary between 16 and 24 months, depending on its maintenance and frequency of use. It is crucial to bear in mind that, unlike natural hair, human hair wigs cannot absorb the natural oils and hydration that our biological hair does. Therefore, the wig's hair dries out faster than biological hair, so we must often replenish the moisture that has been lost. Proper hair care products will help keep your human hair wig soft and silky while prolonging its lifespan.

    More details are available in our help articles, here.

    To help ensure your human hair wig has a long and happy life, consider these three things:

    1. Products specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair; these products will help keep the hair moisturized.
    2. Products that add moisture to the hair, like argan oil.
    3. Sulfate-free and Color-Safe: this is crucial because products that are not sulfate-free typically have ingredients that strip the hair, which will, in turn, make the hair drier and more prone to tangling or matting.

    More details are available in our help articles, here.

    A detailed tutorial on how to wash a human hair wig can be found in our help articles here.

    In general, you should avoid using the following products on your human hair wigs:

    1. Products That Contain Sulfate & Alcohol 
    2. Sticky Products
    3. Keratin or Protein Products

    For more details why you should avoid these product, please refer our help article, here.