Luxury Synthetic

Same Iconic Structure, Movement, & Fluidity Of Healthy European Human Hair
Luxury Synthetic by Encelia Hair

Perfect European Human Hair Replica

European human hair reputation as the most luxurious hair in the world is undisputed, but it remains elusive to many due to high price point.

Until now, no other human hair and synthetic fiber to resemble the "look & feel" of European human hair. Encelia's is proud to say that our innovative luxury synthetic fiber has the same characteristics, structure, & movement as healthy European human hair.

Luxury Synthetic by Encelia Hair

Fade-Resistant Color Technology

One of the most frustrating parts about wearing a human hair or synthetic wig is how quickly the hair color changes.

Unlike any other hair fiber, our fade-resistant technology means your hair color will NEVER fade from sun exposure or over time.

Luxury Synthetic by Encelia Hair

Tangles-Less, Low Shine, Low Maintenance

The strength and high moisture content of our luxury synthetic fiber that has the same characteristics as healthy human hair.

✓Wet or Dry Looks & Moves Like Human Hair ✓ Low Shine | No Frizz ✓ No Breakage | Less Tangles ✓ Air Dries Smooth & Back To It's Previous Style