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    14" Inch Beige Blonde Lace Front Wig

    14" Inch Light Brown Lace Front Wig


    14" Inch Light Brown Lace Front Wig

    14" Inch Medium Brown Lace Front Wig
    14" Inch Medium Brown Lace Front Wig


    14" Inch Medium Brown Lace Front Wig

    14" Inch Dark Brown Lace Front Wig
    14" Inch Dark Brown Lace Front Wig


    14" Inch Dark Brown Lace Front Wig

    14" Inch Off-Black Lace Front Wig
    14" Inch Off-Black Lace Front Wig


    14" Inch Off-Black Lace Front Wig


    14" Light Grey Lace Front Wig

    wig life problems

    Lace Front Wigs, Reimagined

    Are you frustrated with lace front wigs?

    Lace front wigs promised us a lace front that would flawlessly blend into our skin and recreate a incredibly realistic hairline, yet, sadly, lace front wigs our failing us.

    They are itchy, the knots are huge, or worse, the ones that do look realistic, require lots of time, prep and messy glue to sit securely on our heads. Not to mention, the removal of the adhesive, tugs and pulls on the delicate lace and knots, which decreases the lifespan of your wig.

    In short, lace front wigs are failing us, so, at Encelia® Hair, we have been on a mission to change that but we didn't stop there!

    wig life made easy

    Invisible, Soft Swiss Lace Front

    The Encelia® Hair lace front, is made with soft Swiss lace so it seamlessly blends into lighter skin tones. The knots are invisible because they are single hand-tied creating a natural hairline that is virtually indistinguishable from your own.

    Best of all, our lace front will sit snug against your head without the need for glue or adhesive due to it's innovative folded design. Our lace front wig has been pre-plucked with baby hairs cut in, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! 

    Wig Life Made Easy

    Innovative Skin | Scalp Like Top

    The top of this wig is 100% hand-tied top so you can part this wig in any direction and it's double lined so it is itch-free.

    But that's not all! There is a 3" inch ultra-thin skin section at the center of the top of the wig, which looks like real scalp - the knots and lace material are invisible!

    wig life problems

    Worried Your Wig Is Going To Fall Off?

    Are you consistently worried that your wig is going to fall off? Do you spend more than five minutes a day securing your wig?

    Wig grips and other accessories are a necessary tools or bandaids that women need to keep their wigs secure throughout the day because their wigs don't fit them well.

    wig life made easy

    Introducing Our Soft, Silicone Built-In Wig Grip

    Putting on a wig and keeping it secure shouldn't be so hard.

    At Encelia® Hair, our mission is to help make your wig life a breeze. To help keep your wig secure throughout the day, we have added a soft, silicone headband inside the wig which gentle grips to your head, eliminating the need for wig grips, tape or adhesive.

    Now, putting on a wig and keeping it secure is a total breeze!

    Wig life made easy

    Fit Matters

    The fit of the wig is one of the most important aspects of the wig but it is often overlooked.

    A loose-fitting wig fills you with worry and a wig that is too small gives you a headache. But, a wig that fits you well, will be comfortable, increase your confidence and it will make wearing a wig a breeze.

    To help you feel comfortable & confident throughout your day, Encelia® Hair proudly offers five cap sizes!

    Wig life made easy

    Seamless Cooling Cap

    You deserve to feel comfortable in a wig! If you find wigs to be itchy, then you're going to love our double-lined seamless, cooling wig cap!

    Encelia® Hair is the first wig brand to incorporate technical athletic apparel designs into a wig. This wig is double-lined, seamless, cooling, and completely stretchable, offering you unparalleled comfort and breathability.

    Finally, a wig that is so comfortable that you'll forget your wearing one!

    wig life made easy

    Three Hair Choices

    At Encelia Hair®, we are dedicated to celebrating the beauty of all hair types. We understand that some women are going to love thicker hair and others want fine hair so we are proud to offer women the option to choose their hair.

    1. Premium, Remy Human Hair
    2. Luxury Synthetic (a European Human Hair Replica)
    3. Heat-Friendly Synthetic
    wig life made easy

    Hand-Tied or Closed-Wefted Designs

    One Cap, Build-The-Wig

    Much like hair types, some women will only wear hand-tied wigs because of the barely-there feel while others prefer closed-wefted wigs because of the price savings and increased durability.

    Either way, you should be able to design the wig to fit your lifestyle without comprising on the cap design!

    wig life made easy

    Multi-Tonal Hair Colors

    Instead of overwhelming you with a vast array of options, we've carefully curated seven stunning multi-tonal hair colors. These colors are designed to add dimension, depth, and luminosity to your look.

    What sets us apart is that our colors match seamlessly across all our hair types (Remy human, Luxury synthetic, Heat-Friendly synthetic) so you can have multiple wigs at different price points while maintaining the same overall look – think of it as building your very own capsule "wig" wardrobe!

    Lace Front Wig FAQs

    Determining your hair color for your wig on a computer screen can be difficult. See side-by-side comparisons of our different hair types along with the colors in different lighting. See pictures here

    Click here is review our step-by-step guide on how to take your head measurements.

    The three main things to consider when choosing your hair type are 1) hair thickness, 2) lifespan, and 3) price point. See our breakdown of the pros and cons here.

    Our wigs can easily be worn up or down. Heat tools (flat irons and curling irons) can be used on all our hair types: Remy human hair, luxury synthetic, and even our heat-resistant synthetic.

    Click here to learn five easy wig hairstyles.

    The lace front wig is an easy wig to put on because you don't need to use any glue or adhesive to get it to stay on, click to see a tutorial

    Yes, you can! Review our sleeping wig guide here

    The lifespan of your headband wig will vary between 6 and 24 months, depending mostly on the hair type you choose and then on its maintenance and frequency of use. Refer to our help guide here.

    Yes, if you have hair, you can still wear a wig. Refer to our help guide here.

    All FAQs about our lace front wig can be found here.

    Why Encelia® Hair | Designed By A Baldie

    Hi! I'm Allison, founder of Encelia Hair. My life changed unexpectedly during my second pregnancy when I developed Alopecia Universalis. I found myself navigating wig life alone and I found it incredibly difficult to find a wig that not only looked natural but also fit me comfortably. I was constantly worried that my wig looked fake and that it would fall off in public. I didn't love wearing wigs so with a newborn baby by my side, I decided to learn as much as I could about wigs, which led me to start a wig consulting business. I became relentless about finding high-quality wigs that my clients would love.

    Two years later, I grew tired of the limited options. Basically, my clients had two options: spend $4,000+ for a comfortable wig, or I would figure out ways to "make" the wig work for them. It was heartbreaking to watch women weigh the pros and cons. I believe every woman deserves to be comfortable and confident in a wig. In short, my alopecia completely turned my world upside down and set me on a path of discovery and innovation that has led to the creation of Encelia Hair.

    Encelia Hair was thoughtfully designed by a baldie who felt inspired to make wig life better for women everywhere!  No matter what type of wig you’re going for, you will look natural, be comfortable & feel secure when you wear a wig from Encelia Hair. We're out to prove that comfort, good design, simplicity and affordability don't have to be mutually exclusive. We invent & innovate our wigs from the lens of how women feel when they wear our wigs. Our goal is to provide you with a wig that you'll forget your wearing!

    Natural-Looking, Comfortable, Secure Wigs | Designed By A Baldie

    Frustrated, I set out to design a wig that would comfortably grip the head while also looking unbelievably natural. ENCELIA® modern, beautifully constructed Lace Front, Silicone wig will not only sit snugly against your head, but it will also look incredibly natural. What makes this wig stand out is the perimeter or edges of the wig, meticulously crafted with ultra-thin silicone. This remarkable feature ensures that your wig stays securely in place throughout the day, eliminating any worries or concerns about it slipping or shifting. This wig stays put without the need for wig grips, tape, or adhesive.

    To make this transition to wig life as smooth as possible, we have developed a comprehensive program called Wig Mastery. This program comprises a series of informative video guides that are designed to guide and support you throughout your wig-wearing journey. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of wigs or seeking to enhance your expertise, our Wig Mastery Program is here to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need.

    Getting in touch with us is easy!

    Our Encelia Hair Support team is always here and happy to help. We are available to assist you, Monday - Friday, between the hours of 9am - 5pm PST. Email  help@enceliahair.com. Chat with us by hitting 'chat' in the bottom right corner of our help widget or Help Center. DM us on Instagram at @enceliahair.