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    The Headband Wig, Redefined

    No Shortcuts. No Compromises. A modern headband wig no one, not even you, will know you’re wearing!

    At Encelia Hair, we innovate from the lens of how women feel in our wigs. We are guided by realism, comfort, and security, offering you the most beautiful wig creations possible at the fairest price, without any compromises.

    Our headband wig was designed by a baldie who wanted a natural-looking casual wig that was comfortable and secure. This wig is great for days when you just can't handle wearing a wig. It is truly a game-changer for women with hair loss!

    Even if you don’t wear it for exercising, you can dress it up or down and feel confident. It's stylish yet casual, so it's great for running errands, doing house or yard work, playing with the kids, etc.

    The best headband wig for white women
    Headband Wig, Redefined
    so comfortable you'll forget your wearing one

    Our Seamless Headband Wig

    You deserve to feel comfortable in a wig! If you find wigs to be itchy, then you're going to love our seamless headband wig!

    ENCELIA® is the first wig brand to incorporate technical athletic apparel designs into a wig. Our wigs are double-lined, seamless, cooling, and completely stretchable, offering you unparalleled comfort and breathability.

    Finally, a wig that is so comfortable that you'll forget your wearing one!

    designed by a baldie

    Patent-Pending Headband Wig

    ENCELIA® patent-pending headband wig features a revolutionary flexible cap—our double-lined, seamless cooling cap is attached to a 2.5" No-Slip tapered headband that perfectly hugs the head while allowing movement.

    This revolutionary wig makes wig life a breeze for modern baldies! Whether you’re hitting the gym, running errands, or lounging at home, you’ll love the unparalleled comfort, lifelike realism, and absolute security of our headband wig.

    Feel empowered to sweat, spin, or chill!

    The best headband wig for white women
    Premium Remy Human Hair Medium Brown
    Premium Remy Human Hair Light Grey

    Premium, Remy Human Hair

    Our premium Remy human hair has the natural movement, fluidity and silky texture of healthy human hair.

    At Encelia Hair®, we believe all human hair is beautiful; we don't believe one hair type is better than the other. Instead, we are focused on providing you with premium Remy human hair that will continue to look natural and feel amazing throughout its lifespan.

    Remy human hair is known for its superior quality because great care is taken to keep the cuticles intact and aligned. When the cuticle is preserved, the hair maintains its natural movement, fluidity, and silky texture.

    Tangles Less Natural Movement and Fluidity Air-Dries Straight and Smooth Silicone-Free


    Luxury Synthetic Hair

    Our luxury synthetic hair is the first European human hair replica.

    European human hair reputation as the most luxurious hair in the world is undisputed, but it remains elusive to many due to high price point.

    Our innovative luxury synthetic has the same identical and iconic structure as healthy European human hair, which means that it has the same movement & fluidity as some of the most beautiful hair in the world!

    Same feel, movement & fluidity as European human hair Lifelike characteristics - wet or dry this hair acts like real human hair Fade-resistant color technology Not shinny Tangle-less Low maintenance - air dry back to it’s previous style

    Luxury Synthetic By Encelia Hair | European Human Hair Replica

    Headband Wig FAQs

    Determining your hair color for your wig on a computer screen can be difficult. See side-by-side comparisons of our different hair types along with the colors in different lighting. See pictures here

    Because the headband wig by Encelia Hair is 100% hand-tied, it can be worn up or down. Heat tools (flat irons and curling irons) can be used on all our hair types: Remy human hair, luxury synthetic, and heat-resistant/traditional synthetic. Click here to learn five easy headband hairstyles.

    The headband wig is one of the easiest wigs to put on, click to see a tutorial

    Yes, you can! Review our sleeping wig guide here

    The lifespan of your headband wig will vary between 6 and 24 months, depending mostly on the hair type you choose and then on its maintenance and frequency of use. Refer to our help guide here.

    All FAQs about our headband wig can be found here.

    Have you ever worked out in a wig? The headband wig offers no relief; it is hot, itchy, and poorly sized.

    Hi! I'm Allison, founder of Encelia Hair. My life changed unexpectedly during my second pregnancy when I developed Alopecia Universalis. I found myself navigating wig life alone, and I found it incredibly difficult to exercise in a wig. My wig was hot, itchy, and I was constantly worried that it was going to fall off in public. I searched and searched for an active wig that would fit my lifestyle. I even purchased a very expensive gripper wig designed for sports, but, as soon as I would sweat, the wig would slip. I was heartbroken and frustrated. It seemed like no one in the alternative hair industry cared about this aspect my life. Wigs are expensive, and I didn't want to wear one while I was exercising, so with my newborn baby by my side, I decided to innovate on the traditional headband wig and bandfall, which is often bulky, poorly sized and looks fake.

    Frustrated, I decided to design a natural-looking, comfortable, headband wig that would stay put without the need for wig grips, tape or adhesive. I am proud to say that ENCELIA® is the first alternative hair company to bring technical athletic apparel designs to the wig industry. Our patent-pending wigs are seamless, stretchable, and flexible, offering you unparalleled comfort and breathability.

    That said, I am happy to say that my alopecia completely turned my world upside down and set me on a path of discovery and innovation that has led to the creation of Encelia Hair.

    Patent-Pending Headband Wig

    If you are highly sensitive and the little details bother you, then this is the wig for you! ENCELIA® patent-pending headband wig features a revolutionary cap—our double-lined, seamless cooling cap is attached to a 2.5" No-Slip tapered headband which perfectly hugs the head while allowing movement. This seamless wig is literally so comfortable that you'll forget your wearing a wig!

    This revolutionary wig makes wig life a breeze for modern baldies! Whether you’re hitting the gym, running errands or lounging at home, you’ll love the unparalleled comfort, lifelike realism, and absolute security of our sport & fitness wigs. Feel empowered to sweat, spin, or chill!

    Two Sizes | Size Matters

    One of the most common misunderstandings about wigs is that size doesn't matter. Sadly, most women don't feel confident in their wigs because they don't fit them well. Because the shape and circumference of the head is small, a 1/4" inch difference can make a huge difference in fit. A loose-fitting wig fills you with worry, and a wig that is too small gives you a headache. But a wig that fits you well, will be comfortable, increase your confidence, and make wearing a wig a breeze. To help you feel comfortable & confident throughout your day, ENCELIA® proudly offers two cap sizes, ensuring that your sport & fitness wig fits you well.

    Our Multi-Tonal Hair Colors

    When it comes to color, we've taken a unique approach. Instead of overwhelming you with a vast array of options, we've carefully curated four stunning multi-tonal hair colors. These colors are designed to add dimension, depth, and luminosity to your look. What sets us apart is that our colors match seamlessly across all our different hair types (Remy human, luxury synthetic, traditional synthetic). This means you can have multiple wigs at different price points while maintaining the same overall look – think of it as building your very own capsule wig wardrobe!

    Wig Shopping That Is Simple, Easy, & Beautiful

    Our mission is to make your wig life a breeze! We believe shopping for a wig should be simple, easy, & beautiful so you can get back doing the things that you love to do. To help simplify the process, we allow you to customize your wig so you can order your wig without worrying about overspending. Our commitment to affordability is reflected in our range of hair types and cap designs:

    1. Remy Human Hair: For those who crave the utmost luxury and realism
    2. Luxury Synthetic: Combining style and affordability, this option offers exceptional quality & lifelike realism.
    3. Traditional Synthetic: A practical choice that doesn't compromise on looks or comfort.
    4. Hand-Tied: Crafted with meticulous precision for an ultra-natural appearance & the ultimate lightweight, feather-like experience.

    This extensive range of choices empowers you to design your wig precisely the way you want it while staying within your budget.