Designed By A Baldie

I understand the deep, emotional connection women have with their hair & their innate desire to have hair, feel normal, and be beautiful.

I believe a wig should be natural looking, comfortable, & secure without the need for glue or adhesives.

I invent & innovate from the lens of how women feel when they wear my wigs.

I believe bald women are beautiful & strive to remove any shame or embarrassment that women feel because of their hair loss.

I believe shopping for a wig should be simple, easy, & beautiful so you can get back doing the things that you love to do.

I believe supporting women through their hair loss journey will empower and inspire them to live their best lives & help others in our community!

Yes, I'm A Bald Woman. I Wear Wigs & No, I Don't Feel Like I'm Hiding Under My Wig

Hi, I'm Allison

Yes, I am a bald woman and I wear wigs; I am okay with it. And, no, I don't feel like I'm hiding under my wig. I have alopecia universalis, which is total hair loss (no lashes, brows, or hair anywhere else). It is the most extreme form of alopecia (i.e., hair loss).

There is a lot of pressure for women with alopecia to be "okay" with their hair loss. There is a lot of judgement within our community and a lot of pressure outside our community to embrace and rock our bald heads like we just don't care so I thought I would share my thoughts and conversations that I have had with hundreds of women who are like me, bald.

Please know, whether you wear a wig or not, that I believe it all is beautiful and it all continues to generate awareness and helps to remove any shame or embarrassment that women often feel because of their hair loss.

The reality is that some of us never wear wigs. Some of us do both (wear wigs and go bald). Some of us always wear a wig. We all do it for different reasons. Some of us do it because going bald has helped us embrace our true selves. Some of us choose to leave the wig behind because, honestly, wig life is pretty awful. And some of us will never go bald and that's okay.

Some of us wear wigs because we are just so tired of always talking about our alopecia and we just want to live a normal life. Some of us will never go bald because we just feel more like ourselves when we have our hair (aka wig) on. This is where I sit within our beautiful community so I thought I would share my perspective.

To help, others understand my choice to wear a wig, please understand that I do not need the wig to live a normal life. I have and do go bald at home and occasionally in public. In other words, I am not dependent on the wig nor am I depressed about my hair loss. I, in fact, have embraced it. I am very transparent and open about being a bald woman.

There is a common misunderstanding that women who wear wigs have not accepted their alopecia or hair loss. But, perhaps you are like me, and you simply don't feel the need to go bald and you love the way I feel with hair. Why is that a bad thing? I feel more at ease with hair; after all hair is something we are all born with. It's something that everyone has so why is it that those of us who don't have it feel guilty because we want it? I am sharing my perspective to help bring awareness to the mounting pressure that women with hair loss feel on a daily basis. My hope is that by raising awareness, it can and will help women understand that we are all doing the best that we can and that there is no right or wrong way to deal with your alopecia or hair loss.

Follow your heart and stay true to who you are and know that I am cheering for you on the side lines. It is all beautiful, empowering, and incredibly uplifting!

My Alopecia Journey & The Creation Of Encelia Hair

My life changed unexpectedly during my second pregnancy when I developed Alopecia Universalis. I found myself navigating wig life alone and I found it incredibly difficult to find a wig that not only looked natural but also fit me comfortably and was affordable. I was constantly worried that my wig looked fake and that it would fall off in public. I didn't love wearing wigs so with a newborn baby by my side, I decided to learn as much as a could about wigs, which led me to starting a wig consulting business.

Two years later, I became tired of the limited options that were available to my customers: either they had to spend $4,000–$10,000 on a high-quality, comfortable wig or I would come up with ways to "make" the wig work for them. It was heartbreaking to watch women weigh the pros and cons. Some of my clients were fortunate enough to be able to afford the high-priced wigs but the majority could not and their wig life was vastly different. I was tired and frustrated that women were "forced" into spending their savings just so they could be comfortable and confident in a wig.

With a, now, toddler by my side, I felt inspired to make wigs that were so comfortable and natural-looking that the woman wearing it would forget she was wearing one. In short, my alopecia completely turned my world upside down and set me on a path of discovery and innovation that has led to the creation of Encelia Hair.

Encelia Hair is the first alternative hair company to merge technical athletic apparel designs with wigs. We are on a mission to prove that comfort, good design, and realism don't have to be mutually exclusive. Our patent-pending wigs are stretchable and itch-free, offering women unparalleled comfort and breathability.

No matter what type of wig you’re going for, you will look natural, be comfortable, and feel secure when you wear a wig from Encelia Hair.

But, I didn't stop there. I find wig shopping to be incredibly complicated and frustrating so to help simplify the process, we've dedicated ourselves to designing the most comfortable wig caps and then we allow you to build the wig the way you want it! You can choose between different cap sizes, cap designs, and different hair types (ie remy human hair, luxury synthetic, and traditional synthetic fibers.

My mission is to inspire & empower the alopecia & hair loss communities, especially young girls, by showing them that alopecia doesn't have to be a life-altering terrible thing; instead, maybe it can be your superpower!

xoxo, Allison