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    If you're a fan of water sports but have little to no hair, then you know finding a natural looking, secure, affordable swim wig is a real challenge.  

    Trendy, Natural Looking Swim Wig for Women

    The surf wig from Encelia Hair was thoughtfully designed by a baldie who wanted to get back in the water and without worry.  The innovation of Encelia's surf wig lies in its seamless integration. The wig effortlessly attaches to a stylish floatable surf hat through a convenient zipper system. Discreet yet robust. For additional security, our almost invisible chin straps remains virtually unseen and can be hidden inside the hat, assuring that your wig remains firmly in place even during intense wipeouts.

    Natural Looking, Easy To Wear, Comfortable Swim Wigs for Women

    Our surf wig features our innovative luxury synthetic which feels and moves like European human hair.

    Until now, no other human hair and synthetic fiber to resemble the "look & feel" of European human hair. Encelia's is proud to say that our innovative luxury synthetic fiber has the same structure, movement & fluidity as European human hair.

    Our luxury synthetic hair has fade-resistant technology built in which means the color will NEVER fade from sun exposure or overtime. In addition, the strength and high moisture content of our luxury synthetic fiber means that this hair has the same characteristics as healthy human hair.

    ✓ Wet or Dry Looks - No other synthetic fiber can look wet 

    ✓ Moves Like Human Hair 

    ✓ Low Shine | No Frizz 

    ✓ No Breakage | Less Tangles 

    Encelia Hair Merges Technical Athletic Apparel Designs With Wig Technology

    Enecelia Hair is the first alternative hair company to merge technical athletic apparel designs with wig technology. Our patent-pending athletic wig features a innovative double-line cooling mesh cap design that is unlike any other cap on the market! This innovative, easy-to-wear wig offers unparalleled comfort, lifelike realism, and absolute security.  Encelia offers a variety of wide to hats with hair, various colors, & hair colors.  Our two exclusive wig cap sizes which ensures that this wig will stay put even during the most intense workouts, allowing you to relax and just enjoy your workout!  No matter what type of look you’re going for, you will look natural and comfortable when you wear a wig from Encelia Hair.

    Affordable Wigs Online

    When you browse through this collection of Encelia Hair wigs, it’s easy to order a wig without overspending. Our affordable prices are perfect for ladies who want to be able to switch up their hair style. Become a new email or SMS subscriber to save even more with a 15% discount on your next purchase. You’ll also get free shipping on every order over $75. Find your perfect active wig for any sport or just a comfortable wig relax at home when you shop at our active wig boutique online.