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FirmGrip by ENCELIA® | Innovative No-Slip, Breathable Wig Grip

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FirmGrip by ENCELIA® is an innovative new no-slip wig grip that will keep your wig secure while also keeping your head cool. 

BREATHABLE | FirmGrip is super lightweight and breathable, so you won't be hot under your wig. 

SECURE | FirmGrip grips your head and your wig, which keeps your wig secure all day.

COMFORT| FirmGrip is soft cushion that prevents the itchy parts of the wig from touching your head or hair.  It is light-weight and stretchable, so it moves with you. Ideal for anyone who finds wigs to be itchy or uncomfortable.

DISPOSABLE | FirmGrip is disposable, keeping your wig smelling clean and fresh

FirmGrip by Encelia is made in the USA.

FirmGrip is a petroleum-based foam that is latex-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic.

One roll = One month supply or approximately 35-45 uses (individual headbands)

Approximately .29¢/ per use or headband.

It's easy and adjustable - no more bulky velcro. Watch video here

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Say Goodbye To Hot, Uncomfortable, Smelly Wig Grips

A wig grip is a headband worn under a wig to secure it in place. Bulky absorbent microfibers materials grip to the head and wig preventing your wig from slipping. Unfortunately, this material isn't breathable making wig grips uncomfortable to wear due to trapped heat.

FirmGrip by ENCELIA® | An innovative no-slip wig grip that is breathable, lightweight & disposable

FirmGrip by Encelia


FirmGrip is super-lightweight and very breathable so you will no longer be hot under your wig.

FirmGrip by Encelia


FirmGrip secures your wig in place by gripping to your head and wig which prevents your wig from moving or slipping.

✓ No Messy Glue & Tape Required ✓ No Painful Combs or Clips

FirmGrip by Encelia


FirmGrip is disposable & easy-to-use so it will keep your wig clean and smelling fresh. 

FirmGrip By Encelia


FirmGrip's ultra-thin cushion protects your scalp & bio hair. It is lightweight & very stretchable so it moves with you.

Ideal for anyone who finds wigs to be itchy or uncomfortable 

✓ Tension-Free ✓ Velcro-Free ✓ Latex Free

FirmGrip | How To Put It On