14" Inch Off-Black Swim Wig | Surf Wig

14" Inch Off-Black Swim Wig | Surf Wig

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  • Our off black color is just shy of jet black, warm brown undertones come together to create depth and complexity.

If you're a fan of water sports but have little to no hair, then you know  finding a natural looking, secure, affordable wig is a real challenge.   The surf wig by Encelia was thoughtfully designed by a baldie who wanted to get back in the water and without worry. The surf wig features a revolutionary cap - our double-lined cooling cap that is attached to chic, floatable surf hat through a convenient ultra thin zipper. Discreet yet robust, almost invisible chin straps remain virtually unseen and can be hidden inside the hat, assuring that your wig remains firmly in place even during intense wipeouts.

ENCELIA® Off-Black swim and surf wig is discreet yet robust. A double-lined cooling hairpiece is attached to a stylish floatable water hat, ensuring that your wig remains firmly in place even during intense wipeouts.✓Secure✓Comfortable✓Realism


If you're a fan of water sports but have little to no hair, then you know finding a natural-looking, secure, and comfortable wig is a real challenge.

The surf, swim wig by Encelia Hair was thoughtfully designed by a baldie who wanted to get back in the water without worrying that her wig was going to fly off!

The innovation of Encelia's swim/surf wig lies in its seamless integration. The wig effortlessly attaches to a stylish floatable surf hat through a convenient ultra-thin zipper. Discreet yet robust, almost invisible chin straps can be hidden inside the hat and used when needed.


Our chic floatable water hat repels water, and the wide brim keeps the sun off your face. The invisible ultra-thin chin straps are extremely strong and can be hidden inside at the top of the hat so you can use them as needed. The back of the hat can be easily tightened as well.


The hairpiece is double-lined with our cooling mesh material, so it is very comfortable.  The hairpiece also features very strong stays that anchor the wig and pu tabs in the ear tabs and nape, so you can easily remove wig tape or glue.  You can feel confident that this wig will remain firmly in place even during intense wipeouts!


Encelia Hair is proud to offer the most cutting-edge luxury synthetic hair on the market, which has the same natural movement and fluidity as healthy European human hair! Whether wet or dry, Encelia's luxury synthetic hair maintains a lifelike appearance and mimics the characteristics of human hair, meaning it looks wet when wet and can be styled the same way human hair can.  But that's not all; our luxury synthetic hair is fade-resistant, isn’t shinny, tangle-less, and will air dry back to it’s previous style, so it is very low maintenance.


The Encelia Hair swim and surf wig can be secured in multiple ways:

  1. The back of the hat can be tightened
  2. The hairpiece has four strong stays, which help anchor the wig
  3. The hairpiece has pu tabs, which allow you to easily add or remove wig tape or glue
  4. The ultra-thin chin straps allow you to secure the wig even more
  5. Lastly, this wig comes in two sizes. 

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