Ready To Get Rewarded?

Wearing wigs is fun but buying one is anything but. We dreamed up a fun rewards programs that we hope will make wig shopping a bit more fun & enjoyable! At Encelia, we want to celebrate wearing wigs by rewarding you with bucks and fun perks!

Join our FREE loyalty program today and earn merc, free products, special discounts, early excess to new collections and so much more! 

Wiptopia by Encelia Hair

Earn Encelia Bucks

Join us—for free—to earn your first Encelia bucks just for signing up.

Earn by shopping, leaving reviews, engaging with us on social media — the opportunities are endless. Stack up those points and cash ‘em in for big rewards.

How it works

Start By Earning Encelia Bucks

Earning Encelia Bucks is easy. Get them whenever you shop. Plus, earn bonus EBs for fun things like being our friend on social, telling friends about Blume, and having a birthday (achievable, right?).

Reaching Wigtopia

Redeeming Bucks Is Easy

Reach full wigtopia to receive exclusive perks, such as a birthday gift and access to special promotions! Becoming part of the Wiptopia Club is easy and free. The more Encelia Bucks you earn the more you Bucks you earn!


Give $25, Get $25

Already sharing your love for Encelia with your besties? May as well get something in return. Refer a friend and give them $10 toward their first Encelia purchase. You’ll get $10 towards your next purchase, too!