Hair Details | Signature Wig

Encelia Signature wig is made with 100% remy european human hair and the cuticle is partially intact. 
  • European human hair origin, which is the most valuable human hair because it's the only hair in the world that you can buy that isn't black so the cuticle can be kept intact resulting in human hair that needs little to no styling tools.  European hair is also the thinnest available to us so it is silky smooth and moves naturally.
    • Partially Intact Cuticle. The hair goes through minimal processing it feels silky smooth and moves naturally. More importantly, this hair will dry amazingly so minimal effort is needed to make this hair look amazing and because fewer heat products lifespan of the wig is increased.
    • Remy human hair. Considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept aligned, resulting in hair that is tangle-free throughout its lifetime.
  • This hair can be dyed to a darker color using normal salon dyes
  • Density: medium to light