Cap Details | Backup® Wig

The perfect backup wig when your main, everyday wig needs a break!

  • 100% hand-tied with a few wefts in the nap to prevent tangling & reduce the price. By adding a few wefts in the nape the price of this wig drops dramatically.  It is still lightweight & breathable.  Unlike other wefted wig, the back of this wig retains the shape of the head due to the low density and technic used to attach the wefts. 
  • Lace Top. 100% hand-tied so you can part the top anyway that you want.
  • Flawless swiss lace front with bleached knots.  The swiss lace is extremely soft and flawlessly blends in with your skin for an undetectable look (no makeup needed).
  • What is the cap size? Average: the industry standard circumference is 21".
  • What lengths are available? 
    • Short Bob | front is chin level & back hugs the nape
    • Long Bob | chest level & the back is 2" inches shorter
    • Long Layered | front and sides are shoulder level and the back sits below the chest