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Size & Fit | Active® - Workout Wig

  • The Encelia active workout wig was designed to fit most heads shapes. The industry standard circumference is 21". Our headband and the base materials are stretchy so it can comfortably fit larger heads and are unique pull system in the back allows smaller heads make adjustments and achieve a snug fit.
 How do I put on the workout wig? No tape, glue, or clips are needed to securely wear the Active® workout wig.  Please reference this tutorial video.
In general, the cap (hairpiece) should sit about 4" back from where your hairline starts then pull the back of the hairpiece down towards the occipital bone which is just below the top of your ears. Then pull the headband up to achieve a rippled look or flip it anyway you want.  I prefer to have the headband placed about 1/2" before where my like hairline would normally start.
I have hair, can I wear the  Active® workout wig? Yes, our workout wig was designed to fit women with no hair along with women with hair (women with appx. 50% hair loss). Simply wrap your hair using Scunci curved barrettes (available on Amazon), and put your workout wig on.
I don't have hair, can I wear the  Active® workout wig?  Yes, the headband material and base materials were chosen to allow for an extremely snug fit.
Should I place the headband over or under the ears? We prefer to wear it over the ears but  Feel free to wear the workout wig anyway that you want! 
Is the  Active® workout wig itchy?  No,Active® workout wig quite possible be the most comfortable wig you will ever wear! It is so comfortable that you can sleep in it!

It was specially designed to be extremely comfortable, lightweight and breathable. A lot of thought went into the design our workout wig from the material used to the seamless edges. Comfort will continue to be on the forefront of our design from beginning to end.

Is the Active® workout wig hot?  No, the headband and cap materials were specially chosen because of their breathability capabilities.

How secure is it?  Very secure. I specifically designed the headband & the hairpiece so that it would sit snug against the occipital bone, which prevents slippage.

The head-hugging MotionKnitTx fabric stretches with you but retains its shape. Feel free to do endless burpees, mountain climbers or even go upside down trapeze. The Encelia Active® workout wig won't budge!

Can you hear thru the fabric? Yes, if you cover your ears completely it will buffer the sound a bit but this is just like any fabric or hat.

Can I sleep in Active® workout wig? Yes, it's extremely comfortable. If you move around a lot while you sleep then pressure applied to the piece can cause inversion to occur earlier than normal. Inversion is when the hairs start coming back through the cap, which can be uncomfortable & itchy. If the inversion worsen, it can cause the piece to not sit flat, and it can loosen knots over time resulting in hair loss.

Can I swim in Active® workout wig?  The Active® workout wig was designed for land use only but if you do decide to swim with it, please keep your head above water. (ie, splash around, do some strokes, etc)

If you go under water with it on, it will likely come off due to the additional water weight. In July 2021, we will be launching a new product specifically designed for water sports - stay tuned! 

Please note that salt water is very dying so please wash the hair and apply conditioner when your done. Swimming in the pool is not recommended because chlorine can quickly fade the color of the human hair.

Can I sweat in Active® workout wig? Absolutely, please sweat your butt off! Just remember to wash your piece every 7 days to remove residue and restore the moisture of the human hair.