Finding Hair That You Love

Journey to finding a wig that I loved
The Beginning

Alopecia Universalis

My journey began in the eighth month of my 2nd pregnancy when I developed Alopecia Universalis – total hair loss.

I felt powerless, as though part of my identity had been taken from me. I was worried that I was going to lose everything I have worked for (marriage, income, friendships, etc)

the search

Finding a wig

Wig shopping was overwhelming and confusing.

No one to guide me as I scoured hundreds of websites and went to dozens of boutiques, searching through seemingly endless options. As the weeks went on, I wasn’t any closer to finding the right wig for my lifestyle and personality. There had to be a better way. This frustration drove me to do my own research, building up a vast wealth of hair knowledge.

The Solution

Embracing The Wig

When I found “my wig” – one that fit my personality, lifestyle, and was comfortable – it brought tears to my eyes. I felt alive again! My wig is so comfortable that I can wear it all day and long into the night without even thinking about it. I decided that I wanted to help other women find helper hair that they love, guide, & support.

Regardless of your hair loss stage, whether it be temporary or permanent, you can enjoy an amazing, empowered life with a wig or topper. Over the past three years, I have connected with so many women who weren’t just coping with hair loss – they were thriving and I believe you can too!

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