Hats With Hair

Hats with hair are easy & convenient. But, I never felt confident wearing them. I was always worried that my hat would fly off and my bald head would be exposed. I also found halos to be hot, itchy, and very heavy.

Frustrated, I designed a Zip & Go hat system that features one hairpiece that easily zips into three specific sport hats (surf, cycle, beanie). Now, you can confidently wear your hair while doing any activity! 

rethinking hats with hair
The Zip & Go Hat System

One Hair Piece, Three Sport Hats

Our patent pending zip & go hat system is easy and allows you to confidently wear hair while doing any activity with one of the three sport hats.

Feel free to surf, cycle, ski or just chill!

how it works
Simply, Zip & Go

It simple, zip your hairpiece into any of the three Encelia sport hats. This will keep the wig secure so you can confidently wear it without any fears of it coming off.


✓ No fuss, zip & go with our high-quality closed zipper

✓ Our hats are adjustable -tighten or loosen as needed

PU tabs for bonding (wig tape or glue)

✓ High-quality stays at the temple, ears, & nape

Designed by a baldie
Unparalleled Comfort

✓ Ultra-breathable spandex base that moves with you

✓ Double-lined mesh prevents itch & scalp irritation

✓ Closed wefted design for extreme durability

The Revolutionary Synthetic Euro Fiber by Encelia

HD | Heat Resistant Fiber
Euro Fiber Hair

A revolutionary synthetic fiber that feels and moves like European human hair but it has the strength of a synthetic.

✓ Looks Wet (Unlike Other Synthetics)

✓ Not Shinny

✓ UV Protected | Color Won't Fade

✓ Feels & Moves Like Human hair

✓ Tangles Less